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Erica Williams, GradD, B.S.


Life Coach



Background and Approach to Coaching

Thank you for choosing me as your coach. I realize that working with me is a major decision, and you may have many questions.


My formal education consists of the following: 

  • GradD in Education, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Liberty University

  • Advanced Diploma, Life Coaching, Professional Christian Coaching Institute and Light University

  • Advanced Diploma, Crisis Response & Trauma Care, PTSD & Combat Stress, Military Suicide PAIR, Light University

  • Mediation Training, Supreme Court of Ohio

  • Critical Incident Response Training, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)


My work is focused on coaching teens and young adults in the following areas: life/personal development coaching, college/career development coaching, leadership development coaching, and conflict resolution coaching. 


My professional experience includes management positions in the Corporate world as well as working with Government Agencies.  My primary responsibilities included training, mentoring, leading, negotiating, interviewing, and program development. I have worked with Veterans, government officials, celebrities, and other dignitaries.  This background allows me to bring a broad depth of understanding and objectivity in helping individuals and small businesses to accomplish their goals.  


I have traveled extensively internationally and lived abroad while obtaining my Graduate Diploma from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. 


As a young girl growing up, all I wanted to be was a teacher. However, as time grew closer for me to choose a major in college, I chose to go a different path. Initially I had a double major in psychology and political science. At the time I was advised to no go into private practice.  While working on political campaigns I saw the “dark side” of politics and lost my confidence in our political representatives.  So, my junior year, I decided on Business/Marketing. Marketing is one of those careers you cannot get a job without experience, but you cannot get experience without a job. I still wanted a job with a purpose, so God opened a door with Delta Airlines.  I was able to see the world and also help people. I found myself becoming a natural trainer, leader and mentor of my fellow employees. I was also given the chance to be there for passengers and employees that needed an understanding and empathic approach to their various changes.  Still down deep within me has been a desire to help people. 


As an adolescent, I struggled with depression, self-worth, and anxiety.  How I wish I could have had a Coach (a 3rd person objective party) to have worked through issues at that time. I remember my mom telling me to please find someone I could talk to because she knew that adolescents often do not want to talk to their parents, no matter how close they are.


In looking at the “chapters of my life”, I realize that I am now able to become that “teacher”/ coach and work with youth and adults who are struggling with life challenges.  I believe that given the life challenges I have faced and with the training I have received, I can become that 3rd person objective role model.


My eclectic background and training have enabled me to develop an approach to coaching that incorporates principles and practices drawn from various psychological sub-disciplines and life experience. I will combine all of these methods in a coaching environment in an effort to help you and/or your child get unstuck, plan action steps, stay motivated, and achieve goals. While my approach uses some techniques drawn from psychology, I am not a therapist and I will not be practicing psychotherapy. Many different therapeutic techniques can be adapted for coaches and coaching clients. 

Coaching Fees

Adolescent/Teen coaching: $40 per 60 minutes (additional fees for activities will be charged at time of service)

Individual coaching (ages 20+): $75 per 60 minutes


Carol Williams, M.Ed., M.A., LPCC, NCC, CEAP


Carol is the Vice-President of Client Services and has worked for more than 27 years with individuals and couples who face challenges in their lives.



Carol’s background, education, and additional trainings give her the expertise and ability to work with individuals, couples, and business executives to help them move toward a more balanced personal life and achieve advancement in their business life. 


Carol's past and present experience includes: 

  • Educator

  • Business owner

  • Manager of an Internal EAP

  • Critical Incident Response

  • Professional Life Coach

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

  • Trained Mediator



B.S., Education

M.Ed., Guidance and Counseling

M.A., Counseling

Clinical Licensing

Advance Diploma-Life Coaching


Additional Training


Mediation Training-The Supreme Court of Ohio

Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)

Certified Instructor for International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)

Certified Critical Incident Response (CIR)


Coaching Fees

Individual Coaching -$125 per 60 minutes

                              $35 per 15 minute increments