Life's Dreams. Some come true, but some are Lost.

Life's Dreams: Your dreams, my dreams, other's dreams. We all have dreams for our life. Some came true but some were LOST.

Someone made a comment this afternoon that I had NEVER realized or thought was a possibility. "God's Dream was lost. His dream, when He created Eden, was to have a perfect and intimate relationship with His creation. Instead, His creation brought Evil into His dream of a perfect Earth."

I never imagined that God had a Dream. Not only did He have a dream, He lost it. Wow, and I thought my loss of dreams was devasting. My lost dreams are NOTHING compared to His dream.

My dreams on how I thought my life was going to go was obviously not God's Dream for Me. Yet I still question Him. I still get mad. I still feel like a failure because My dream(s) didn't and haven't come true.

What kinds of dreams for your life were lost? How did you react? How did you cope or move on?

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