Does this sound like a strange phenomenon?


We have coaches for sports, dance, gymnastics, & education, so why not a LIFE coach?


How can a life coach benefit our adolescents?


Our youth are faced with all kinds of stressors:

  • School

  • Friends

  • Electronics/Social media

  • Family conflict

  • Health issues


Many times parents do not see the impact that one or more of these may be having on their children until they experience a crisis. When this happens the parents and the adolescents are facing brain health issues (depression, anxiety), substance abuse, irrational choices, etc.

What is a Life Coach?

  • A Life coach is NOT a therapist. A life coach works with well-functioning clients. If a young person is experiencing depression, anxiety, etc., they may need to see a therapist.

How can a Coach help?

  • Just as sport’s coaches teach players about the game, teamwork, dealing w/loss, etc., a life coach can help an adolescent deal with current stressors before they become a critical event.

Life Coaching and Consulting Associates, LLC (LCCA)

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